Sunday, February 2, 2014


Whoever built the "Claustrophobia" (it was found in an old house here in Vicksburg) picked the right name for it, and did one heck of a job constructing it. Once it's given a push, it won't stop. It's that fast - "greased lightning," I think, is the appropriate term. The wheel bearings have grease fittings; the steel frame is practically indestructible. The builder placed the steering and brake "sticks" on either side of the seat, which is tilted toward the rear so that the driver is positioned semi-prone. A dark plexiglas windshield allows the driver to steer this sleek machine. He is fitted into a tight, dark, claustrophobic atmosphere, thus the machine's name. This vintage race car can be seen on the second floor. Asking price: $1,500.

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