Thursday, November 8, 2012


During the late seventies and early eighties I lived on Drummond Street next door to one of Mississippi's most well known artists, Caroline Compton. I visited with her from time to time, and found her to be a very gracious person. She always insisted we have a little "nip" while we discussed whatever subject came to mind. I feel lucky to have known Ms. Compton, and I'm honored to have several of her drawings displayed in my apartment.

Ms. Compton exhibited with the Mississippi Art Association for more than three decades; the MAA is presently (through January 27, 2013) featuring her works in an exhibition in Jackson.

Compton was an active member of the MAA and the first state art director for the WPA's Federal Art Project from 1939 to 1940. She studied with notable artists George Pearse Ennis and George Luks in New York in the late 1920s. Many of her works depict scenes in Vicksburg or rural Mississippi. They make obvious her use of diverse mediums, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, casein, pastel, ink, and graphite.

Shown above here is one of several works by Ms. Compton (1907-1987) that we have for sale in our shop.


Olivia Heartelly said...

Hmmm! Intriguing! I’m not a big fan in sketches to be honest but this is worth to have… Thanks for sharing!

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April Bowman said...

Caroline Compton was my Grandfather's Aunt! He was her favorite nephew and grew up in Asheville, NC. He would visit his family's plantation in Louisiana and also his family in Vicksburg. We have an oil portrait she did in my parent's living room of my Grandfather as a little boy. This looks like a member of the Compton family for sure! I'm not sure who but there is a strong family resemblance to Granddaddy. His name was Robert Ashby Bragg Jr.

Paul Edelstein Studio & Gallery said...

I have a watercolor of your aunts I met her the same day I met miss Welty
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