Friday, October 19, 2012


With silver and gold prices seemingly setting new records each day, the demand for common coins of silver and gold is strong. Our selection includes not only the commonplace, but many which are sought by collectors for investment purposes. We have a variety of other coins, including US cents, nickels, half dimes, etc., etc., which may have a place in your collection or portfolio. If past performance is any indication, any funds used for the purchase of rare coins and precious metals will accelerate in value much faster than funds placed in CDs or savings accounts. Drop by and inspect our selection.


Military Challenge Coins said...

It is nice post and how you will invest coins?

Malcolm Allred said...

With the condition that the country is in, every prepared citizen should have a few silver and gold coins on hand. They may not be worth much in barter at first, but in an extended crisis they may be the basis for trade.

Jenny Watson said...

I think it's not bad idea which you shared in this post.