Monday, August 6, 2007

Collectibles 3

Our selection of costume jewelry will surprise you. We have three different sales booths that contain a wide variety for your perusal.

We maintain a large variety of collectibles from the Civil War (that's War for Southern Independence for all you faithful), both dug and undug. Browse our selection; you'll be impressed.
Quite often we are able to buy collections of rare documents, including those related to the war, early Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and a plethoria of other subjects. Ask to see them.
Books are our true loves. From Civil War through local histories through cookbooks and on, our library of both common and rare volumes has something for everyone. The really rare stuff is kept under lock and key. If you're looking for anything in particular, ask us. We might just have it. Visit our ebay store to peruse a partial list.
What better way to collect Americana than through its currency? We stock many different types and denominations of US notes as well as a generous supply of Confederate issues.

Minie balls (bullets) and musket balls are a great favorite for tourists. We keep a supply on hand, all dug from the hills and hollows that saw the campaign for the defense of Vicksburg. They're inexpensive and authentic, and make great gifts for the folks back home.

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